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New Age Music

My works in the world of the new age music were written up to 2004, if it can be still named so, are the following ones. Many of these works were recorded directly on cassette tapes and later were restored and remasterized. Keep on mind that some of them are included in different compilations albums released worlwide by another companies. Some of the works recorded are available for full listening through Spotify

We are the forthcoming past, take care of it [Enhanced CD]  (2003) [164:39]
This album was the first one released on the world with near three hours of music.It contained 52:43 minutes of audio in the CD-DA layer and a CD-ROM track with 01:51:56 minutes of additional music in mp3 format. As far I know there is no one album CD-DA compatible with larger audio content. Later, this album was published in USA but without the enhanced content.
         We are the forthcoming past [01:42]
         Tying the heart that helps [05:50]
         The sons of the cold [03:03]
         Tears at bedtime [05:06]
         Memory holes [06:26]
         Denying the evident [02:29]
         Nunca mais! [02:24]
         Teach me to whisper a shout [04:17]
         Looking through the brooken window [05:16]
         The day after [05:20]
         You weren't to know [03:20]
         Where my frieds rest [02:45]
         Adagio for viola, oboe and piano [04:53]
         A bike walk [06:44]
         Abu Ana [06:42]
         From now on [06:24]
         Los hijos del frío [02:44]
         Nothing like the silk [05:14]
         Restlessness [05:44]
         Something special [02:32]
         The truncated child [10:35]
         The waste of the time [05:08]
         When the blues invades the soul [07:54]

Just before of to be nobody (2002) [36:37]
         The sons of the cold [02:44]
         Intermezzo for oboe and strings [02:00]
         When the blues invades the soul [07:56]
         Waltz to Vitale [06:39]
         Suddenly [03:17]
         Looking to the traffic hypnotized [02:56]
         In and between [02:52]
         Comunion [03:33]
         Try this! [01:42]
         Something Special [02:35]
Nobody for the moment (2001) [56:05]
         The truncated child [10:39]
         From now on [06:27]
         Abu Ana [06:47]
         The sons of the cold (Classical arrangement) [02:42]
         Restlessness [05:47]
         Nothing like the silk [05:17]
         Low pressures [03:43]
         The waste of the time [05:12]
         A bike walk [06:47]
         Los hijos del frío [02:44]

Others (1990-2005)
         The girl with the stolen smile (Nanking, 1937) [05:43]
         La tranquilidad que insipira a la poesía [Not published]
         El encanto de la melodía que se adivina fácilmente [Not published]
         Nocturno de matrimonio [Not published]
         La luz de la mesilla [Not published]
         Melodía rota por un presentimiento [Not published]
         Columpios y canicas [Not published]
         Reflejos de luz en una pompa de jabón [Not published]
         La mariposa en el espejo [Not published]
         La película de su vida [Not published]
         Adiós a las armas [Not published]
         La voz de la otra [Not published]
         En honor a la verdad [Not published]
         Waltz Vitale [Not published]
         La fuerza de la costumbre [Not published]
         La danza de las zapatillas [Not published]
         Apatía [Not published]
         La muerte a destiempo [Not published]
         De alguna forma será algo especial [Not published]
         Cuando un niño se acuesta llorando [Not published]
         A lo lejos [Not published]
         Melodía desencadenada [Not published]
         Paz de espíritu, sosiego interior [Not published]
         La buena cosecha [Not published]
         La voz de la otra [Not published]
         La misma música, el mismo lugar, pero no el mismo tiempo [Not published]
         Con la miel en los labios [Not published]
         Música para un pase de modelos [Not published]
         Sugerencias [Not published]
         Todos tuvimos un buen verano [Not published]